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Fuel for Success

At Défis RH, we pride ourselves on our ability to understand and meet our clients’ unique needs. We are delighted to share the success story of how we helped Human Resources Advisor Jessika D’Arienzo find the right candidates for specialized and technical roles at telemetry tech company Otodata. Otodata provides award-winning remote tank monitoring solutions, […]

Supporting Clients Hiring Foreign Workers

Building a diverse workforce isn’t just the right thing to do in today’s global market—it’s a smart business move. Supporting foreign workers can transform your organization’s success by driving innovation and growth. The benefits are vast, from gaining increased market knowledge to fostering a thriving and inclusive community culture. Let’s dive into how hiring international […]

Navigating New Horizons

People move to Canada for various reasons: employment, family, love, education, or simply seeking a fresh start. While the country offers numerous benefits, such as quality of life, cultural diversity, and stunning natural landscapes, newcomers face challenges like finding employment and overcoming language barriers. Today, we highlight Ruby’s story—a journey from the UK to Quebec […]

Realizing Full Career Potential

Armed with a degree in industrial management and a kaleidoscope of experiences spanning various industries, Chantal Leblond is no stranger to the intricate dance of production planning. From furniture to food, each venture has sculpted Chantal Leblond’s expertise and refined her approach to industrial management and production supervision. In these years of professional growth, Chantal […]

Tackling The Tech Strategy

Technology and talent go hand-in-hand these days. Understanding and harnessing the power of tech is paramount for HR and talent acquisition leaders. As competition for top talent heats up, it’s easy to feel lost in the sea of digital solutions. At Défis RH, we recognize the hurdles businesses face when navigating the tides of technical […]

The Human Benefits of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a significant force in the professional landscape. As the increasing importance of emerging technologies heralds a digital makeover in corporate functions, AI’s impact on recruitment and HR is transformative. AI literacy has swiftly become indispensable for talent acquisition, with organizations recognizing the need to leverage digital innovations to stay […]

A Robust Team

Défis RH would like to introduce two exceptional additions to our team: Marie-Claude Thibault and Yan Farah-Lajoie. The duo’s extensive experience and unique expertise bring a new dimension to Defis RH’s ability to provide diverse and comprehensive human-focused recruiting services. Marie-Claude’s journey into headhunting and recruitment began unexpectedly when a friend approached her for a […]

Tailored Executive Recruiting

“I have two missions in life. The first is to collect memories and experiences. The second is to make the world better one person at a time,” says Yan Farah-Lajoie. This tenet has been with Yan all his life, guiding his desire to understand and care for his fellow humans since his bachelor’s study in […]

The Power of Partners

As Défis RH jumps enthusiastically into 2024, we look forward to enriching our partner relationships and forging new ones. Our professional collaborations empower us to grow as a company so we can continually enhance our recruitment and HR services. Through the insights of our collaborators, we gain a deeper understanding of the value we bring […]

Overcoming Professional Challenges

Patrick Crovasce has dedicated his career to being a committed, ever-developing electro-mechanic. In school, Patrick completed his DEP diploma in construction electrics at Centre de Competencs and specialized in repairing automatic systems at CFP des Manoirs. He worked at Laboratoire Riva Inc. for nineteen years and enjoyed expanding his technical skills alongside project management and […]

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