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The Power of Partners

As Défis RH jumps enthusiastically into 2024, we look forward to enriching our partner relationships and forging new ones. Our professional collaborations empower us to grow as a company so we can continually enhance our recruitment and HR services. Through the insights of our collaborators, we gain a deeper understanding of the value we bring to these connections and the skills we can develop further.

One of the key qualities Défis RH attributes to partnerships is our adaptability to meet evolving business requirements. Julie Pepin, Talent Management Director at Balcan Innovations, says, “Défis RH is perfect because they are like an elastic. It allows me to have my core team, and Défis RH helps us when needed. They are always there to support us.” Balcan Innovations has unique requirements as a plastic packaging organization with specialized facilities. Julie appreciates Défis RH’s commitment to understanding her business and evolving our approach to fulfill her objectives.

Caroline Roy, owner of technology recruitment company Caro & Co, respects how Défis RH prioritizes healthy communication and active listening to adapt partnership strategies over time. “We have different recruiting focuses, so we complement our respective businesses. I feel we can grow our businesses together while maintaining our values,” says Caroline. Marie-Odile Lévesque has worked with Défis Rh’s Jessie Fortin for over a decade as the two have built their respective recruitment companies. Now, as Owner and Talent Acquisition Specialist at Place & Forme, Marie reflects on how Défis RH’s versatile approach laid the groundwork for successful collaboration. “Our relationship might seem uncommon to traditional recruiting companies, but weekly interactions help us broaden our market knowledge and improve our combined efficiency,” says Marie.

Dèfis RH’s proactive recruitment ethos is another core tenet of our partnerships. Raynald Racine, Vice-President of Finance and Administration at Boiseries Raymond, states that partnerships with external specialists such as Défis RH are vital to his organization’s success. When Boiseries Raymond’s director of Human Resources needed an unexpected leave of absence, Raynald was grateful for Défis RH’s comprehensive assistance. “Jessie was very proactive and quickly reached out to her network, alleviating the bottleneck in our HR department. Dealing directly with Jessie makes the experience completely different from other firms because she understands our needs and is very dedicated to doing what it takes to help us,” says Raynald. Through proactive and specialized HR support, Défis RH encourages our business partners to feel more capable and confident in overcoming obstacles.

Similarly, amid significant organizational changes, Julie Pepin valued Défis RH’s initiative to create custom recruitment trackers and offer outsourcing services. “Défis RH truly went above and beyond what is required to solve challenges. They played the role of headhunting for harder-to-fill positions. In both capacities, Défis RH services were beneficial,” says Julie.

At Défis RH, we lead our recruitment support with the utmost professionalism and efficiency so our partners can trust us for their HR needs. Caroline Roy admires how Défis RH simplifies the often complicated recruitment process through easy-to-follow expertise. “Jessie quickly understands the company’s goals to make the right connection with a candidate. The Défis RH team are patient and passionate about what they do, with the ability to truly listen to clients and candidates,” says Caroline. We prioritize customer service and conduct our partnerships so everyone feels heard, understood, and supported.

The beating heart of Défis RH is our commitment to authenticity and a human-first approach to recruitment. Domenic Calcara, CEO of recruitment company Recruit Action and long-term collaborator of Jessie, appreciates Défis RH’s dedication to authentic relationships. Above all, Domenic celebrates Jessie’s character and the ethos with which she guides Défis RH. “She is caring and humble. These characteristics are vital for healthy relationships with candidates, clients, and co-workers. Jessie works to make a difference and surpass expectations, differentiating Défis RH from other recruitment companies,” says Domenic.

Rather than prioritizing quotas or tradition, Défis RH focuses on connecting humans to humans. We believe empathy and professional success go hand in hand. The evolution of Défis RH’s partnerships centers on shared values of mutual respect and genuine support. Marie recognizes how recruitment shapes people’s lives, so she understands Défis RH’s empathic approach. “Since we share the same passion and beliefs about recruiting, I know my clients are in good hands with Jessie and the Défis RH team. We maintain a solid relationship where we can always count on each other,” says Marie.

Our partnerships build on openness and trust, empowering our clients to grow, overcome challenges, and take chances, knowing they have someone in their corner. Through the dedication of our partners, the Défis RH team is continually learning and challenged to be better recruiters, business associates, and friends. The combination of professionalism, proactivity, adaptability, and authenticity is the glue binding our invaluable partnerships, and we commit to leading with these qualities into a 2024 human-led recruitment.

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