Skilled trades : A booming sector

Skilled trades : A booming sector

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The request for skilled trades manpower is exploding, who employs one in five Canadian.

Skilled trades are often associated, wrongly, to a lack of education. Many believes that they are grueling trades and low-value busy-work. It’s time to reverse those prejudice.

Find out why working in those skilled trades is a professionnal golden ticket to success!

What is skilled trades?

Skilled trades are often manual jobs that require a DEP and/or a DEC. Some of them require a qualification certificate.

They are divided by 4 big categories :

  1. Construction 
  2. Fabrication
  3. Transport
  4. Services

Don’t forget that in this manpower shortage era, the professionnals with special skills are becoming precious assets to compagnies!

Why a career in skilled trades?

Skilled trades are meant for you if…

  • You love practical, concrete and tangible
  • You’re an active person, manual and creative

You recognize yourself in this profile? Skilled trades are without a doubt a good option for you!

Demand for manpower is important enough that many programs are starting to see the day to offer permanent citizenship to foreign workers in these fields.

Even more so, training courses for skilled trades are shorter (1 to 2 years), and internationaly recognized.

And that’s not it! Strong competition in this sector leads to a very interesting base salary. You can easily gain 40 000 to 50 000 $ yearly.

Skilled trades : a world of possibilities

Chosing skilled trades is chosing varied and rewarding jobs.

Due to strong demand in this sector, HR Challenges are full of opportunities! Our team specializes in professional placement for the skilled trades. So, what are you waiting for? Discover the jobs offered now.