Assessment of skills and cognitive profile

HR Challenges enriches your recruitment process with a range of cognitive skills assessments designed to accurately analyze candidate skills, abilities and personality traits.

Optimal suitability

These assessments allow us to go beyond the CV to understand the potential of candidates, ensuring an improved match between the positions to be filled and the profiles of the candidates.

Objectivity and fairness

By providing a standardized assessment of skills and personality traits, our assessments ensure an objective and fair selection process, reducing unconscious bias.

Performance prediction

The results provide valuable insight into candidates’ ability to succeed and thrive in their role, thereby improving the quality of hire.

Effectiveness of the selection process

By quickly identifying the most promising candidates, our assessments speed up the recruitment process and increase its efficiency.

Development and mobilization

The data collected through assessments also helps identify employee training and development needs, thereby promoting their long-term growth and engagement.

The services offered by Défis RH in terms of assessing skills and cognitive profiles are:

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