Our à la carte staffing services for small- and medium-sized enterprises

Worker shortage? Not with Défis RH!

Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face challenges to strengthen their human capital on a daily basis.

Our HR experts know the realities of your business and can address them with à la carte staffing services for all types of positions:


Entry-level positions





Permanent placement services

Permanent recruitment is no secret to us. We help you find employees that are reliable and committed to the long haul for your business, regardless of your field:

  • checkmark Industrial
  • checkmark Administrative
  • checkmark Accounting and finance
  • checkmark Sales and marketing
  • checkmark Specialized trades
Image de candidats
Selection of candidates

Preselection and selection

Don’t have enough time to meet all the candidates to fill a position? Reach out to our HR screening service and meet only the cream of the crop!

Our staffing services will help you:

  • checkmark Clearly define your selection criteria
  • checkmark Prepare assessment tools
  • checkmark Conduct preselection/selection interviews
  • checkmark Produce detailed recruitment reports

Recruitment marketing

As an employer, your brand is your most valuable weapon in the battle against labour shortages.

Take advantage of our marketing services to:

  • checkmark Identify the best messaging to put forward
  • checkmark Post your messaging on the right platforms
  • checkmark Develop HR strategies tailored to your goals
Notebook for recruiting marketing
Man offering his training and coaching

Training, coaching, and recruitment

Our HR experts provide consulting services to find and recruit the best candidates. Benefit from:

  • checkmark Creating a screening/selection process
  • checkmark Conducting job interviews
  • checkmark Making recommendations
  • checkmark Welcoming and integrating your candidates
  • checkmark Evaluating your HR processes
Training and coaching services