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Realizing Full Career Potential

Armed with a degree in industrial management and a kaleidoscope of experiences spanning various industries, Chantal Leblond is no stranger to the intricate dance of production planning. From furniture to food, each venture has sculpted Chantal Leblond’s expertise and refined her approach to industrial management and production supervision. In these years of professional growth, Chantal Leblond earned her certificate in materials management, which was recognized by the HEC and Quebec Quality movement.

Chantal Leblond was looking for a workplace that mirrored her dedication to quality manufacturing practices when Défis RH reached out regarding a production planner position with Foliot Furniture. “I had been in contact with Madeleine before, and I liked her professionalism and ability to listen to my needs,” explains Chantal Leblond. She had worked with recruitment companies previously but valued the rigorous communication, monitoring, and follow-up offered by Madeleine and the Défis RH team. “I loved my experience. Throughout the process and following my meeting with the employer, Défis RH touched base with me for news, even a month after hiring. I felt supported and encouraged,” says Chantal Leblond.

Honesty, respect, and genuine care are the cornerstones of Défis RH’s ethos, and they resonate deeply with Chantal Leblond’s professional values. “The human side is very present in Défis RH. They truly want the person they are placing comfortable in their new role and care about your success and happiness in a new job,” says Chantal Leblond. Through every twist and turn of Chantal Leblond’s recruitment process, Défis RH stood as a steadfast ally, ensuring no stone was left unturned in pursuing the perfect fit. “They know how to assess the candidate’s needs and values and whether the environment and workload are satisfactory for both employer and employee. Défis RH answered all my questions, and if they didn’t have the answer, they would look for it and come back to me,” states Chantal Leblond. In the halls of Défis RH, our values of human-led recruitment are not just words on a page; they’re guiding principles that shape every interaction and decision. As Chantal Leblond embarks on this new chapter at Foliot Furniture, she carries with her the unwavering support of Défis RH and the confidence that she is realizing her full career potential.

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